Renaissance - The Impact of Human Connection

With the potentially negative impact of new technological advances, it seems that we’ve lost touch with the primitive human connection. What we mean by this, is that instead of shaking hands we now have digital pacts. Instead of meeting people in person, we’re now making introductions behind impassive screens. Headlines all over are screaming that our kids are no longer social creatures and that they’ve lost touch with the meaning of bonding.

But despite this happening, the online business world is now playing catch up; attempting to reinforce real connections by truly caring about their clients and going above and beyond to provide good service.

Here’s the scoop:


Hiding behind screens has become a popular way of dealing with “difficult clients.” This creates an issue as many companies will start to adopt that ignorance is bliss and believe that any conflict can be resolved by sending out a few professional quick-fix emails.

With the new changes in the digital landscape, companies have realized this type of behavior can actually be destructive. Companies who understood this early on, are now attempting a more confrontational approach to dealing with such clients. Understanding that mistakes can happen, and owning up to them can result in better mutual trust and respect.

It’s safe to say that if a company has built a good relationship with a client, even a difficult one, their mistakes will have fewer repercussions. This is perhaps because the committed client is no longer looking for perfection, but a reinforcement of the existing bond.

It’s Not Always about the Money

Here’s the thing. Most businesses are driven by money and they’ll end up doing almost anything to get it. It’s understandable as all business models are driven by top priorities to monetize. But, in order to stand out, you have to think a lot bigger than monetary value.

It’s no secret that in order to stand out, you have to think differently. This means going outside the average business models or way of thinking and settling on what’s important other than money. Though business is not psychology, it would be helpful to involve some psychological phenomena to induce what business comes down to.

People crave attention and want to feel important. If we were to simplify every underlying cause of human desperation, it would simply be the need to be loved and cared for. To be the game-changing agency or company that goes above and beyond means truly caring about the individual beyond the scope of their pockets. That is impact.

Be Empathetic

Business can only be maintained by interacting with people to sell products or services. That means you must have the ability to understand people before anything. What do they want? What are their aspirations? What do they crave?

Advertisements all over social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram all the way to Google Adwords target a specific type of audience. The best way to do so is by analyzing who would be interested in your product or service and strategizing the best way to sell it.

Campaigns and advertisements are carefully designed to elicit emotional connections. This is because the human psyche is all about feeling euphoric and wanting to enjoy specific moments or experiences. This is why most products or services have ads and campaigns sell an experience.

Take a company that sells computers like Apple. They’re known to play very close attention to creating emotional attachments to their products. This is why Apple fans will camp out in malls just to purchase an updated iPhone.

While we’re living in a world that transformed how we interact with others, it does not mean the human connection is dead. In the business realm, by caring about your clients, implementing a transparency framework, and working for a bigger purpose, success is almost inevitable.

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